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Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Having a webpage is a great idea for any business or community group.

For a community group, you can update members instantly about changes, club news and planned events. You can post rosters, photo galleries, membership and other forms, and let your local community know what you are doing and how they can support you.

For a business, you can let people in your community or around the world know what your business has to offer. You can post news, specials, upcoming events, competitions, special member deals, and of course, let potential customers know how to contact you.

To claim a place on the internet for yourself, your business or community organisation, you need three things.

First is a domain name. This looks like or This is your home on the internet, where people go to find out about your club or business.

One good thing about having your own domain name is that you can have an email address that reflects your internet identity –, for example.

Second is the documents – text and pictures - that make up your website. You can have a professional design company make a website for you, or you can do it yourself using Microsoft Word or Publisher, or one of many other programmes. You can start from scratch, or use a template. KI Computers and Photographics have 100s of templates you can use free of charge.

If you really don’t want to make your own website, and you don’t want to pay a web designer hundreds or even thousands of dollars to design one for you, KI Computers and Photographics will design a simple one page website from text and graphics you supply, using your logo and your choice of colours, for a once only charge of $60.00. This charge includes uploading to your domain. For an example, see Cooinda Fishing Charters.

Third, you need a place to put your website - a computer with fast internet access that allows people anywhere in the world to view your site.

Dedicated web hosting companies will host your website on powerful servers with very fast internet connections. Hosting companies have multiple fail-safe resources, so that even in the event of a major power outage, you website is still available.

Kangaroo Island Computers and Photographics has partnered with two leading web hosting and domain registration companies. We have created two separate websites to showcase the best choice of packages for home, business and community groups.

Option One - - offers low cost domain registration - $11.95 per year - the best price anywhere in Australia. If you need a, or branded domain, go here first. If you only need .au domains, and your website will not be graphics intensive (eg videos or 100s of photos) also offers a basic hosting package with free setup and free email accounts, for about $4 per month.

Option Two -  - offers the lowest prices for other domain registrations - .com, .net, .co, etc. .com domains can be registered for $8.49 each. It also offers very cost effective web hosting - beginning at about $3.75 per month, with unlimited bandwidth and multiple email addresses. If you need a web site with space to grow, and you don't need a .au domain, go to

Hosting plans offered at all include multiple free email addresses, $90 of Google Adwords credits, FTP access so you can make changes to your website any time, and applications including shared calendars, blogs, photo galleries, databases and ecommerce.

You may not need all these features to start with, but as your online business grows, these plans will continue to provide the power and flexibility you will need.

There is no setup fee on any of our hosting packages.

Finally, if you want a webpage, but don’t think you need your own domain yet, KI Computers and Photographics can host a webpage for you on one of our KI themed domains. There is a once off setup fee of $60 for this service, which includes an email address of your choice. The only other cost is web page design if you need it. There are no ongoing charges for this service.

Domain names you can choose from are:,,,, and

For example your business could be hosted at and your email address would be

We offer free hosting and email addresses at these domains for Kangaroo Island community groups.

If you need more information, call into the shop at Queenscliffe Shopping Village on Dauncey St in Kingscote.

Or visit or to get started now.
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